16 transforming furniture designs to free up space in your cramped apartment

This work station that’s also a bunk bed.

space-saving-furniture-6Photos: ResourceFurniture

This collapsible dining set.

multipurpose-furniture-2Photos: Offi

This shelf that hides a table and four chairs.

space-saving-furniturePhotos: imgur

And this movable crate that hides a full bar.

space-saving-furniture-5Photos: Naihanli & Co.

Wheel it around with you wherever you go.

This kitchen in a cube.

transforming-kitchenPhotos: Goci

This mattress that folds up into a comfy chair.

space-saving furniture-4Photos: futonazur

Way more impressive than that tired futon trick.

This one too.

space-saving-furniture-2Photos: behance

This modular shelving unit that can be combined or separated from other modules.

transforming-furnituretransforming furniturePhotos: Resource Furniture

This book case that’s also a reading chair so you can relax.

bookcase chairPhoto: archello

And this couch that’s also a punching bag so you can totally flip out.

transforming-furniture-2Punching bag couchPhotos: Tobias Fränzel Design

This rectangular table that transforms into a round table.

ezgif.com-optimizePhoto: FAN Table/Vimeo

Variety is the spice of life.

This picture frame that’s also a table.

space-saving-furniture-3Photos: ivydesign

This patio furniture that stacks into a space-age art piece.

transforming-furniture-1Photos: archello

Fun? Yes. Practical? No.

This table and chairs that fit perfectly together.

space-saving-furniture-1Photos: imgur

And this chair that bears four others.

space-saving furniture-6Photos: dripta

And finally, this entire room that literally fits into a box.

multipurpose-furniture-1Photos: Casulo

In its box-form, the Casulo room measures 31.5 inches by 47 inches and weighs about 375 pounds. Want one? Contact the designers.

salin on Feb 12, 2015 12:17 AM posted:
dear sir/madam, please give a full details about this products, i am from india and how we can start a business here.
MentorshipBC on Feb 24, 2015 3:54 PM posted:
Great article! Love the entire room in one box.

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